Friday, August 19, 2011

Ten Emo Tattoo Ideas for Girls: Emo Stars, Emo Hearts and More Emo Tattoos

Emo Stars Tattoos for Girls

What does every emo girl want on her body? Emo Star Tattoos! The star is one of the most popular symbols of the emo world and there are many requests at tattoo shops all over the US for emo star tattoos! Here I have posted my two favorites.
The first emo star tattoo for girls is a design similar to the second emo star tattoo but excluding the whimsical wisps between the stars. This emo star tattoo is a very cute and popular emo star tattoo design for girls these days. The stars are different sizes and start at the breast, curving their way up to the neck. You could even get the same design to match, on the other side of the chest to go for that symmetrical look that many emo girls like to get (other examples of the symmetrical design are the matching robin tattoos and matching gun tattoos on the hips).

The second is a hip to side emo star tattoo, with wispy lines between what appear to be shooting stars. A very feminine flower tattoo adorns the top of this emo start tattoo. You could follow this type of design for your emo heart tattoo, make the stars bigger or smaller, depending on how large you want your emo star tattoo. Add color to the middle of the stars, such as blue or yellow...or even red!

Emo Hearts Tattoos

Heart tattoos are not a new design by any means. In fact, they were some of the first tattoos to become popular in the early to mid 20th century. Now that we have emo kids around, there are many emo versions of heart tattoos. If you're looking for an emo heart tattoo, check out the pictures here. The classic heart tattoo design with the dagger in the middle and banner with a loved one's name is pictured at the top right, while a very emo heart tattoo with a tied heart to a dead tree is below it. The emo heart tattoo on the tree is very poetic and screams EMO to me. You could also go for an emo heart tattoo consisting of a red bleeding heart with wings or a broken heart. Broken hearts or hearts with arrows are classis and make the perfect emo heart tattoos.

Emo Poems & Songs Tattoos


Another big design in modern times for emo kids is to tattoo a poem or meaningful song somewhere on your body. The girl to the right has a poem tattooed in cursive down the back of her shoulders and upper back. Emo Song Tattoos are a great way to express yourself...just remember to pick a song that will be meaningful to you for the rest of your life.
Also think about getting emo musical note tattoos, with treble clefs and sheet music dancing across your back and up to your shoulder. In addition to the musical notes, you could have the words of your favorite song strewn about the musical notes. The possibilities for emo music tattoos are endless!

Other Miscellaneous Emo Tattoos for Girls


Besides the typical emo star tattoos, emo heart tattoos, and emo song tattoos, there are many designs that an emo girl can choose from or even create yourself! Think of what inspires you, or some symbol that you may have a deep emo connection to. For me it's sunflowers because they remind me of my childhood. What about a flower that reminds you of your childhood or maybe yourself? Roses mean love, a hibiscus represents the ocean & happiness, and daisies are representative of innocence. I've posted a few emo flower tattoos below. Check out the bleeding rose tattoo...the quintessential emo flower tattoo out there! Instead of making your emo flower tattoo bleed, you could also make it cry.
Or think about your favorite book as a child, maybe an emo tattoo of Nancy Drew or Dr. Seuss would be cool and unique? Sesame Street tattoos and fraggle rock tattoos are also ideas for emo tattoos for girls. Make a whole half-sleeve of characters from your childhood...make it your own!


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